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Health, Sports & Development

Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan ,New Delhi

Pilot project of SportVolt with Army Public School, from 2016-2018. This project was one of its kind, where the entire sports ecosystem of the school was outsourced to SportVolt.

The School has a sprawling campus of over 25 Acres, in which 10 sports were implemented in a scientifically backed and structured manner. The school had outsurced the entire management of the following variables:

1) Trainer / Coach Deployment
2) Equipment (CAMC)
4) Ground Maintainance
5) Digital Solution for Health Assessments

We are proud to share that we groomed over 34 National Players at the school level through the implementation, from scratch. The athletes were also assisted in

1) Sponsorships
2) Club Selections
3) Sports Quota

The project was covered and delivered by Lok Sabha TV, in a documentary
LokSabhaTV Documentary blob: https://www.youtube.com/36f655d9-b17b-4611-8b05-ed5ca15322df

Government of Assam
(Department of Youth & Sports Affairs)

In the Government Schools under the SSA (Sarva Shiksha Aabhyaan). The project is in its pilot phase, where with assistance from our partners at allsport.in,we are delivering the following variables :

1) Structured Training of Children in Government Schools
2) Motor Skill Assessment (Talent Identification)

Science and Application

SportVolt has set up state of the art sport science lab for the Delhi Government, under the World Class Skill Center (WCSC) project. The labs have been installed, comissioned and are being maintained by SportVolt at Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU) under the Directorate of Technical Education(DTTE), Government of India.

The labs are set up under the Academy of Sports Science and Research Management (ASSRM) wing of the University and consists of

1) Human Performace Lab
2) Bio Mechanic Lab

These labs have high end sports, medical and industrial equipment which ensure high accuracy of assessment and testing for performance and research and development purpose.